Here at, our objective is to help and support you in your journey through life by offering you the astrological tools you need to take control of your destiny.


For hundreds of years, people of all creeds and cultures have looked to the heavens for answers and guidance.

Astrology is the ancient art of interpreting the cosmic correlation between celestial bodies and events on earth.

The movement and position of stars and planets can have a deep impact on your love life, finances, career, health, wellbeing, and everything in between.

Understanding the patterns of the Universe can provide you with clear insights on how to navigate life, as well as a personalized roadmap towards success.

This makes astrology the most powerful and precise tool you can use to make the most out of life and to understand yourself, others, and the world around you.


Your natal chart is the cosmic map of where all the planets and celestial bodies were in their journey around the Sun at the very moment you were born.

Most people know their zodiac sign, but there are many other aspects of astrology governing our lives.

All the heavenly bodies were moving through different zodiac signs and houses at your time of birth, and as such, their positions will have different effects on you.

Mapping their placement and tracking their movement reveals both your strengths and weaknesses.

You can call your natal chart a complete instruction manual for your life. It decodes personality, shows your opportunities for growth, outlines your purpose and gives the best timing for your most important moves in life.

Elena Roberts

Professional Astrologer

Elena Roberts has worked as a professional astrologer for over 30 years. She has consulted thousands of individuals and made well over 25,000 readings.

Her work has been recognized by The American Federation of Astrologers which has granted her the title of Senior Associate. She is also actively engaged in publications and conferences of the International Society for Astrological Research.

Elena is a published author and her books on planetary influences, cosmic energy and medical astrology have received rave reviews.

Yet her true passion is directly with people. That’s why she puts her whole heart into unfolding the messages the Universe sends her to reveal them to anyone who needs her help.