Facebook Marketing

The average American spends over 20 minutes every day on Facebook. It’s hard to imagine a better place to find buyers for our offer than Facebook, espcially as you can target individual signs. And because our offer is suitable for any age group, you will not have any trouble getting your ads approved. Can you ask for more? With us you can! We’ve gone the extra mile and have created some free Facebook Page Templates you can use in your marketing.

Creative copy and marketing text

Pixel and buyers list

We are happy to send you a hashed buyers list to supercharge your Facebook marketing!

We do place pixels yet require you to include your Clickbank ID as well as the type of pixel you want to have placed (page view, conversion, add to cart). Pixels which do not receive any clicks will be removed after 2 weeks as an excessive amount of pixels messes with everyone's tracking.

We respond to requests Monday-Friday within 48 hours. Please check your spam filter before claiming you never heard back from us!

Creative copy and marketing text

We strongly advise you against using our Facebook materials unchanged as this will dimish everyone's results. We still want you to succeed with your promotion, so here are some sample headlines to get your creative juices flowing:

Sample headline 1

Sample headline 2

Sample headline 3

Sample headline 4

Sample headline 5

Sample headline 6

Sample headline 7

Ad images or videos

The more targeted and curiousity based you can make your ad, the better. You want to use photos or short videos which do not look professional as this adds credibility.

Here is a sample image of the type of things we found to work well - don't just copy-paste as this will diminish everyone's results:

Additional tips

Since Facebook is now on an anti-emoticon witch-hunt, it's better to avoid using too many of them.

For the call to action text like "See it here" tends to work better than "Read more" as that promises to be less work.

For your lander "ugly" and amateur-ish looking words well. Make sure the text is easy to read (high contrast between text color and background color, large font size)

Try to avoid text which is too long.

How much success are your affople might reach our page a bit "fatigued" from all the bonding you did there with it.

It's true that long copy builds your credibility as a source, but people can reach our site expecting to get to the solution immediately while they first get another "I'm-just-like-you story".


1. What traffic sources are your top affiliates doing best with?

Facebook Ads

2. Do your affiliates have success with Facebook Ads?

People have scaled our offers to hundreds of sales

3. What exactly are they doing on Facebook? Can you elaborate? / Can you explain to me how your top affiliates are promoting Call of Destiny on Facebook? / Can you share a sample ad from one of your top affiliates? / Can you share a sample landing page of one of your top affiliates?

Our affiliates keep their methods close to their chest, what they share with us they explicitly ask not to share with other affiliates.

4. Do you know what demographics & targeting is working on Facebook to your audience?

Please check the info we share here: https://callofdestiny.org/affiliates/demographics.php

5. Do you offer pay bumps? If so, how do I qualify? Is it possible to place me in the top bracket as I currently run volumes for other products and am experienced?

We offer commission bumps starting at 100 sales / calendar month.

After seeing your top affiliates promote Call of Destiny, what can you tell me that will help me promote it on Facebook?

We recommend you send us your pixel to place on our pages and to request a hashed buyers list.